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- Welcome To The Sport Of Candlepin Bowling -

President - Ed Gangi

President:  Ed Gangi

Woburn Bowladrome

32 Montvale Ave
Woburn, MA  01801

Vice-President: Dale Dale Angelotti

600 Primrose St
Haverhill, MA   01830
978 372-5802


Al Gangi

Recording Secretary:


Linda Cluff


The objectives of the organization are:

a) To promote, encourage, preserve, stabilize, strengthen, enlarge, unify and coordinate the recreation of candlepin bowling;

b) To foster good will, harmonious action, mutual respect and fair dealing among members, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and others engaged in the business of supplying equipment and services to bowling lane proprietors;

c) To foster, promote, standardize and perpetuate the sport of candlepin bowling and all its pattern as a wholesome recreation for all ages and to achieve and maintain candlepin bowling at its highest possible level;

d) To elevate to the highest standards the sportsmanship of all involved, impressing that one should bowl for fun and recreation and for sport's sake alone;

e) To promulgate a code of ethics;

f) To exchange ideas which will help members perfect sound business methods and eliminate abuses;

g) To compile and disseminate statistics and other information of value to the members;

h) To investigate and adjust fairly questions arising among members;

I) To do any and all things and exercise any and all powers necessary, convenient, or advisable to accomplish one or more of the purposes of the corporation.

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